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Photo of Dr. Enrique Diaz with a patient
Photo of Dr. Enrique Diaz with a patient

Our Cancer Programs

Our cancer experts have specialized training and experience caring for all types of cancer. This approach enables us to care for a full spectrum of common and rare cancers using the latest science and the most promising therapies.

Cancer care programs

You can receive exceptional cancer expertise that spans a wide spectrum of common and rare cancers without leaving South Texas. Each of our cancer doctors specializes in treating specific cancer types. That means they regularly diagnose and treat rare conditions some doctors never see.

Our academic emphasis brings the future of cancer care to the bedside of a community we know well and hold in high regard.

What you need to know about the cancers we treat

Highlights of our program include:

  • World-renowned cancer care: Our partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center means you receive the best available therapies and guidance. When our doctors want another perspective on how to best care for complex problems, we can consult with MD Anderson to ensure we leave no stone unturned. Learn more about MD Anderson Cancer Center.
  • Leading surgical expertise: Patients and doctors consistently seek out our surgical experts for their ability to successfully remove the most complex tumors, with less impact on your life. For example, intricate nerve-sparing surgery treats prostate cancer while minimizing side effects on urinary and sexual function.
  • Commitment to cancer research: As the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center in Central and South Texas, we have a world-renowned research program. Our team is committed to uncovering new and more effective ways to diagnose and treat many different types of cancers. You can access today’s latest cancer advances without leaving San Antonio. Learn more about our NCI designation.
  • Team mindset: At Mays Cancer Center, multidisciplinary care is more than a buzzword. Our doctors work in teams and regularly discuss the details of every patient’s care. This level of coordination is uncommon in South Texas and affords you the highest quality care at every phase of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Partnership in your whole health: Cancer does not define you. We take extra efforts to help you cope with the emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis. Our team can also guide you to a wide range of support services so you can live life on your terms. Find out more about patient and family services.


Our cancer programs

We offer cancer programs dedicated to caring for: