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Doctor speaking with patient
Doctor speaking with patient

Liver Tumor and Liver Cancer Program

You can count on our team for liver tumor and cancer services that meet the unique needs of our community. We offer more of the services you need in one program, including comprehensive evaluations, innovative procedures and other lifesaving treatments.

Liver cancer impacts our region more than any other U.S. region. In fact, Latinos in South Texas experience some of the nation’s highest rates of liver cancer. We treat cancerous liver tumors and other abnormal growths that can become cancerous.

Doctors at the Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, are taking steps to protect our South Texas community’s well-being. We are raising the level of care for even the most advanced liver cancer.

Liver cancers we treat

Why choose us for liver tumor and liver cancer care?

Highlights of our program include:

  • Unique partnership: We’ve partnered with University Health System and the Texas Liver Institute to form the Texas Liver Tumor Center. You have access to many liver cancer experts, some of whom have a national reputation. Together, we recommend which treatments are best for you so you can move forward. Find out more about the Texas Liver Tumor Center.
  • One-day evaluations: Thanks to our partnership with the Texas Liver Tumor Center, we can provide comprehensive evaluations in a single visit. You meet with multiple specialists, including liver specialists (hepatologists), medical oncologists and surgeons. You can have imaging and lab tests on the spot if necessary. We discuss personalized treatment recommendations and help you make important care decisions.
  • Broad range of treatments: Your care may include surgery to remove the tumor, sophisticated procedures to deliver cancer-fighting drugs (chemotherapy) or radiation therapy. We are one of the few programs in the region offering liver transplants through our partnership with University Hospital. Find out more about cancer treatments.
  • Geriatric cancer expertise: Older adults experience cancer differently. Their bodies may react differently to medications, and they may be living with other medical conditions. Our team includes geriatric cancer specialists who assure appropriate care. We tailor treatments to help older adults have a safe experience and avoid complications. Learn more about geriatric oncology.
  • Focus on prevention: We deliver effective care for liver conditions including hepatitis C and fatty liver disease that can lead to cancer. Treatments often include medications to heal your liver so you can live a good quality of life.

Leading liver tumor and cancer care in San Antonio

We partner with MD Anderson Cancer Center, one of the world’s most respected cancer programs, to coordinate care for complex cases. We discuss treatment options for rare tumors and cancers that do not respond to standard treatments. These conversations allow many patients to benefit from top cancer experts.

Learn more about our partnership with MD Anderson.

Our team approach to liver tumors and cancer

Cancer experts from different specialties work side by side to coordinate the services that are best for your needs. Your care preferences matter to us, and we take time to listen to you. If you’d like your loved ones to participate in discussions about your care, we welcome them.

You receive care recommendations from:

  • Hepatologists, doctors specializing in liver disease who often detect the early signs of cancer
  • Interventional radiologists who use imaging technology to deliver nonsurgical procedures, including transarterial chemoembolization (TACE), when your surgeon implants a substance in blood vessels to block the tumor’s blood supply and deliver cancer drugs
  • Medical oncologists with years of experience treating liver cancer using medications
  • Pathologists who confirm a liver cancer diagnosis and determine its type
  • Radiation oncologists, experts who treat cancer with radiation
  • Social workers who help you address emotional and practical challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis
  • Transplant surgeons who help determine if a liver transplant is right for you and perform the procedure

Research and clinical trials for liver tumors and cancer

Through clinical trials, our doctors and researchers help discover new liver cancer treatments. Mays Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center in Central and South Texas. This recognition represents our commitment to safe, appropriate care for clinical trial participants. You also have access to clinical trials that are only available in select programs nationwide.

Get more information about cancer research and clinical trials.


Care location

Urschel Building

  • University Health Liver Tumor and Pancreas Tumor Center | 2nd Floor