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Doctor speaking with patient
Doctor speaking with patient

Genitourinary (GU) Cancer Program

We provide expertise in genitourinary (GU) cancer care, near everything that makes San Antonio home. Our surgeons are nationally known for their unique skills in removing hard-to-treat tumors safely. Our team also includes cancer doctors who specialize in immunotherapy and genetic testing.

Genitourinary cancers are a group of cancers that affect organs of the urinary tract system, such as the bladder, kidneys and prostate. Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, offers national leaders in GU cancer care.

Other centers in South Texas refer difficult cases to us for our particular expertise. A team of experts work together and with you to treat common and rare GU cancers using advanced therapies in a way that works for you.

Genitourinary cancers we treat

Why choose us for genitourinary cancer care?

Highlights of our program include:

  • Leading cancer expertise: We treat all types of GU cancer. Mays Cancer Center is a high-volume center for complex cases of genitourinary cancer. Our urologic oncologists specialize in complicated surgeries that treat rare and advanced GU cancers in sophisticated ways. Few centers in the country match our very high volumes of a specialized kidney cancer surgery called tumor thrombus surgery. That volume gives us leading expertise in treating complex kidney cancer cases.
  • Latest cancer therapies: We are at the forefront of research exploring innovative treatments for genitourinary cancers. For example, our doctors have special expertise in using immunotherapies to treat early and advanced disease, such as kidney cancer and bladder cancer, in new ways.
  • Multiple services in one place: You can receive all radiation therapy and chemotherapy treatments at one location right here in San Antonio. We know your time is valuable, so our team works together to coordinate your care in different ways. It’s often possible to see multiple doctors on the same day.
  • Genetic testing and counseling: Certain genitourinary cancers, like kidney and prostate cancers, have a genetic link. Members of our team have extra training in cancer genetics. We offer specialized genetic testing and counseling to gauge your cancer risk. You can trust our experts to explain what your genetic test results mean, how they may affect your treatment and what steps your family members can take to protect their health. Learn more about our cancer genetics and high-risk screening clinic.

Leading GU cancer care in San Antonio

We partner with MD Anderson Cancer Center to ensure that you benefit from the latest methods and leading-edge therapies. As a result, you have expanded treatment options, including those available at the world’s leading cancer centers.

Get more information about our partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Our team approach to GU cancer

At Mays Cancer Center, cancer care is a team effort. Cancer doctors with different areas of focus meet weekly to discuss the details of your case. This approach translates to a treatment plan that is highly personalized for your needs.

In our multidisciplinary genitourinary cancer team:

  • Urologic surgeons confidently perform intricate surgeries, often using robotics technology, to remove tumors. Advanced techniques mean a faster recovery with less impact to your life.
  • Radiation oncologists are trained in using high-energy radiation therapies to destroy GU cancer cells while protecting healthy tissue.
  • Medical oncologists stay up to date with the latest cancer-killing medicines, including immunotherapies. Immunotherapy harnesses your body’s systems to help destroy cancer cells.
  • Pathologists expertly identify different types of GU cancer tumors under a microscope to determine appropriate treatments for you.
  • Pain and palliative care specialists can help you manage any discomfort that the cancer or treatment causes you.
  • Social workers make it easier for you to receive high-quality care by coordinating transportation or lodging so you can concentrate on your health.
  • Other support professionals, such as dietitians and pain management specialists, help keep you healthier and more comfortable during cancer treatment.

Research and clinical trials for GU cancer

As a large academic medical center, we offer a wide selection of promising clinical trials. Here, our researchers are exploring novel treatment options not available anywhere else in South or Central Texas.

Ask your doctor about the latest genitourinary cancer advances, including how a clinical trial may enhance your treatment plan.

Learn more about cancer research and clinical trials.


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