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Neurofibromatosis Program

Families in South Texas and surrounding areas can access a full spectrum of neurofibromatosis expertise at Mays Cancer Center. Our collaborative approach helps you manage the many ways this rare genetic condition may affect your child’s health.

Neurofibromatosis is a genetic condition that increases a child’s risk of developing tumors in the brain and other areas. This condition is commonly passed down in families.

Neurofibromatosis requires lifelong, personalized care. Our team includes neurologists, ophthalmologists (eye doctors) and other doctors who understand the nuances of caring for this complex condition.

You can count on us for expert guidance and leading neurofibromatosis treatments. Some therapies for eligible patients are only available at select institutions through clinical trials.

Why choose us for neurofibromatosis care?

Our team includes experienced pediatric doctors and cancer surgeons who understand the many ways neurofibromatosis can affect a child’s health. Some of our physician-scientists are advancing neurofibromatosis treatment through innovative research.

Team approach to neurofibromatosis care

Neurofibromatosis may cause minor or severe symptoms. It may affect your child’s nervous system, vision, hearing or learning abilities. Our doctors take a team approach to neurofibromatosis care.

Our specialists meet often to discuss the best way to monitor and treat neurofibromatosis in your child. This team mindset helps us personalize a treatment plan that’s unique to your child’s needs and symptoms. It also makes it easier for families to access multiple types of specialty care close to home.

Learn more about neurofibromatosis and pediatric brain tumors.

Leading neurofibromatosis treatments and clinical trials

We partner with the National Cancer Institute’s Children’s Oncology Group to provide some of the most advanced treatment options right here in San Antonio. Our researchers are also leading their own studies, exploring new avenues to improve the lives of children with neurofibromatosis.

Your child’s care team will explain whether your child may be eligible for any ongoing clinical trials. They may be able to try new medicines that offer potential benefits to children with neurofibromatosis. Learn more about pediatric cancer clinical trials.

Full range of guidance and support

A neurofibromatosis diagnosis may feel overwhelming or confusing. We are here to help ensure your whole family gets the care they need.

If your child has neurofibromatosis, other family members may be at risk, too. We offer genetic testing and counseling to help identify your family’s risk and safeguard their health. 

Psychologists, social workers and child-life specialists are important members of our pediatric care team. They can help you sort through the challenges a neurofibromatosis diagnosis may create for your family.

We can also guide you to resources available in the community. Our partnership with the Texas Neurofibromatosis Foundation® enables local families who are facing similar health challenges to connect and support each other.

Care location

University Hospital 

  • Neurofibromatosis | Horizon Tower 10th Floor