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Doctor speaking with patient
Doctor speaking with patient

Neuro-Oncology (Brain Tumor) Program

A team of nationally recognized experts delivers specialized brain and spinal tumor care, tailored to you. At Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, you can access advanced treatments and enhanced options close to home.

Our doctors are highly trained in neuro-oncology, providing a level of expertise only offered at select centers in South Texas.

Tumors that develop in the brain or spinal cord (called central nervous system tumors) can affect people of all ages. Our doctors are highly regarded within and outside Texas for their skill and expertise in treating these complex conditions. 

At our Brain Tumor Center, you can receive multiple cancer services from doctors who work together to streamline your care. We deliver some of today’s most advanced treatments, such as sophisticated surgeries and radiation therapies.

We also provide access to new hope and emerging therapies, such as cancer drugs. Clinical trials offer additional options for eligible patients with early and advanced disease, including metastatic brain tumors

Neurological cancers we treat

Why choose us for brain and spinal tumor care?

Many of our specialists, including neurosurgeons and neuro-oncologists, have fellowship training. This expertise enables us to deliver individualized treatment for rare brain and spinal tumors. 

Few other centers in San Antonio and surrounding communities have this level of neuro-oncology training. We treat all types of central nervous system tumors, including benign brain tumors, brain cancer and spinal tumors.


Surgical expertise

If you need surgery, you’re in expert hands here. Our surgeons are skilled in leading techniques, such as endoscopic surgeries that remove hard-to-reach brain tumors through the nose. We use advanced imaging tools before and during surgeries. This approach helps us treat cancer while protecting healthy tissue and important functions.

Neurosurgeons regularly partner with ophthalmologists (eye doctors) or head and neck surgeons to treat advanced cancers or challenging cases. Multiple doctors perform surgeries together, removing difficult-to-reach tumors and reconstructing the affected area with safety and precision. Find out more about neurosurgery or head and neck reconstructive therapy.

Team approach to neuro-oncology

Our neuro-oncology specialists (including surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists) meet regularly. At tumor boards, we review your test results and determine the best treatment approach for you. This level of collaboration, which is uncommon in San Antonio, helps us deliver personalized care.

As an academic medical center, we provide easy access to hundreds of UT Health San Antonio doctors, such as neuropsychologists. We all work under the same electronic medical records system to coordinate services seamlessly among multiple doctors.

Leading brain cancer treatments and clinical trials

Our physician-scientists have led research to help shape how doctors treat brain tumors such as glioblastoma. Physician-scientists on our team pursue federally funded research to advance brain tumor treatments for people in South Texas and around the world.

Through these comprehensive research efforts, we can offer you new options for conditions that were once considered incurable. Advanced treatment options include stereotactic radiotherapy, which can treat certain brain tumors noninvasively.

You may be eligible for experimental therapies available at select centers through clinical trials. We participate in trials for all phases of disease, including brain metastases (cancer that occurs elsewhere in the body and spreads to the brain).

Learn more about cancer clinical trials.

Support for the challenges cancer creates

A brain tumor diagnosis affects your life in many ways. We offer a multitude of support services and resources such as counseling, speech therapy and palliative options. We help you navigate obstacles that come along and learn to cope with the changes a diagnosis brings. Learn more about our Supportive Cancer Care Clinic.

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