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a photo of a doctor using a stethoscope on a patient
a photo of a doctor using a stethoscope on a patient

Lung Cancer Program

Our experts are giving more people with lung cancer hope for healing. Experienced lung cancer specialists deliver trusted care using techniques that are among the most advanced. We give you more opportunities for healing, with access to many of the same therapies you’d find in the nation’s top programs.

At Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, you’re in expert hands. Medical oncologists specializing in lung cancer take the lead in coordinating your care. Doctors who deliver a high volume of lung cancer treatments perform surgery and offer other therapies. We stay current on the latest research to raise the level of care. Our expertise draws patients from San Antonio and 38 counties in South Texas.

Lung cancers we treat

Why choose us for lung cancer treatment?

Highlights of our program include:

  • Early detection: Screening tests help us catch the first signs of lung cancer in people at highest risk for the disease. We use low-dose CT scans that are more effective than chest X-rays for identifying suspicious growths. Learn more about lung cancer screening.
  • Accurate diagnosis: Our interventional pulmonologists pass endoscopes (tubes with instruments at the tip) down your throat to evaluate suspicious growths. We use imaging during the procedure to identify the precise area of concern and take tissue samples. Then pathologists with years of lung cancer experience evaluate the tissue under a microscope. Read more about diagnosing cancer.
  • Outstanding surgical care: Most often, we use special technology to remove cancer through small incisions so you can recover from surgery faster. Our thoracic surgeons perform a high volume of procedures and maintain some of the shortest hospital stays in the region. We also have low complication rates, so you can count on us for safe, efficient care. Find out more about cancer surgery.
  • Support: Living with lung cancer can bring unexpected challenges. You don’t have to face them alone. Our monthly lung cancer support group gives you the opportunity to share experiences with other patients. Social workers and lung cancer survivors lead discussions that help you get the information and encouragement you need to move forward. For information about upcoming support group meetings, view our events calendar.

Leading care in San Antonio

Our partnership with MD Anderson Cancer Center means you get the same level of care that is available in the world’s top programs. We follow MD Anderson lung cancer treatment guidelines, which reflect the latest research and help you receive focused therapies. And our team communicates often with MD Anderson’s lung cancer experts, especially when planning care for complex cases.

Find out more about our partnership with MD Anderson.

Our team approach to lung cancer treatment

We meet regularly in meetings called tumor boards to discuss each patient’s case. You’ll know you’re getting the therapies and services that are right for your needs.

Our team includes:

  • Interventional pulmonologists evaluate suspicious growths, take tissue samples and help plan other procedures.
  • Medical oncologists deliver cancer-fighting drugs (chemotherapy) and other medical treatments.
  • Nurses coordinate certain services, such as testing, surgery and supportive therapies.
  • Pathologists confirm a lung cancer diagnosis and determine the cancer type by examining tissue under a microscope.
  • Radiation oncologists use technologies to deliver focused therapies that destroy lung cancer with radiation.
  • Thoracic (chest and lung) surgeons remove cancerous growths using the best available techniques.

Research and clinical trials for lung cancer

Our physician-scientists are delivering today’s latest therapies while developing the next generation of cancer treatments. Our expertise includes early-phase lung cancer drug discovery. We apply knowledge from patient care and research to evaluate drugs with the potential for additional healing.

Get more information about cancer clinical trials and research.


Care locations

Grossman Building 

  • Cardiothoracic Surgery | 4th Floor 

Zeller Building 

  • Lung Oncology | 3rd Floor