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Referrals and Physician Relations

Referrals and physician relations

Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, knows that continuity of care is essential for patients, which is why our referral process is intended to be as direct as possible. We work to communicate appropriate feedback regarding a patient’s visit to the cancer center, and we provide the latest information about programs and services available for both patients and physicians.

Primary contact

Laura Kouba
Business Development Manager

NOTE: For established and new patient appointments, call 210-450-1000.

Hematology and medical oncology referral line

Phone: 210-450-1000
Fax: 210-450-0419

Radiation oncology referral line

Phone: 210-450-1000
Fax: 210-450-2136

Surgical oncology referral line

Phone: 210-450-5990
Fax: 210-450-1747

Clinical trials office referral line

Phone: 210-450-5798
Fax: 210-450-0419

Phase 1 clinical trial referral line

Phone: 210-450-5595
Fax: 210-450-0419

Pediatric hematology oncology referral line

Phone: 210-743-2300

Dermatology and Mohs surgery referral line

Phone: 210-450-9840

Gynecologic oncology referral line

Phone: 210-450-9500

Head and neck surgery referral line

Phone: 210-450-9950

Orthopaedic oncology referral line

Phone: 210-450-9300

Plastic and reconstructive surgery referral line

Phone: 210-450-9200

Thoracic oncology referral line

Phone: 210-450-0999

Genitourinary oncology referral line

Phone: 210-617-9600

Checklist for referring new patients

  • Demographic and insurance information
  • All pathology reports
  • Scan/Imaging reports and CD-all images in Dicom forms
  • OP/procedure reports
  • Prior Treatment Records, including Chemo & Colored Radiation
  • Most recent labs
  • Previous treatment records, including chemotherapy and radiation
  • Physician notes: Initial consultation note and last five progress notes

Are you a patient or family member looking for appointment information?

If you would like to request an appointment with a physician at the Mays Cancer Center, or if you are a new patient and have a direct referral from a physician, please call 210-450-1000 or visit and fill out our online appointment request form.


Please download and complete the following forms: