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Nurse looking at patient
Nurse looking at patient

Sarcoma Cancer Program

You can receive leading cancer expertise, convenient to San Antonio and the surrounding counties. We deliver advanced care to a high volume of patients who have rare and complex forms of sarcoma. For eligible patients, your treatment plan could include novel therapies from clinical trials not widely available.

Sarcoma is a rare type of cancer that develops in the body’s connective tissues, like bones and blood vessels. At Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, we offer sarcoma cancer expertise under one roof.

A team of doctors who specialize in treating these rare cancers will regularly discuss your care. We fight cancer from every possible angle, with treatments tailored to your needs.

Sarcoma cancer types we treat

Why choose us for sarcoma cancer care?

Highlights of our program include: 

  • Expertise in rare cancers for children and adults: Sarcoma accounts for 1% of adult cancers but more than 10% of childhood cancers. Our center sees more adult and pediatric patients with rare soft-tissue and other sarcomas than most other centers in Texas. We understand the differences among sarcoma types and make a personalized treatment plan. Learn more about adult soft-tissue sarcoma, bone cancer and pediatric sarcoma.
  • Full spectrum of care close to home: You can receive all cancer diagnoses and treatment services under one roof, right here in San Antonio. Our multidisciplinary Sarcoma Clinic helps coordinate treatment services for people newly diagnosed with soft-tissue sarcoma.
  • Collaborative approach: Cancer doctors who specialize in different areas of sarcoma care meet weekly to discuss the details of your care. This level of coordination ensures we cover all aspects of soft-tissue sarcoma therapy. Because we know you are a valued member of your care team, we always keep your needs and long-term goals in mind.
  • Sarcoma-centered support: Receive advice and insights from people who have experienced similar challenges. We offer an active sarcoma survivor support group, made up of people who are in different phases of their cancer journey. Hear from people who are in remission after successful cancer treatment or learn how others cope with the realities of sarcoma care. See what else we offer through our Supportive Cancer Care Clinic

Leading sarcoma cancer care in San Antonio

We partner with MD Anderson Cancer Center to bring a higher level of cancer care to people living in San Antonio and South Texas. 

Our cancer specialists use MD Anderson’s research-backed protocols when determining your treatment plan. Your doctor may also consult with MD Anderson’s team for a second perspective on how to treat the rarest or most complex cases. This approach translates to exceptional sarcoma care that is close to the comforts of home. 

Get more information about our partnership with MD Anderson

Our team approach to sarcoma cancer

Cancer doctors who specialize in different aspects of sarcoma care meet weekly to discuss the many ways cancer affects your health and life. Here, helping you achieve long-term wellness is a team effort. 

Our multidisciplinary sarcoma team includes:

  • Orthopaedic surgeons who use the latest techniques to remove sarcoma cancers with less impact on your life. 
  • Pediatric oncology specialists trained in the needs of children affected by sarcoma
  • Radiation oncologists with in-depth experience using high-energy radiation therapies to treat bone cancers
  • Medical oncologists who focus on how cancer-destroying drugs treat sarcoma in adults 
  • Pathologists with expert knowledge of how rare sarcoma tumors look and act
  • Rehabilitation doctors who specialize in helping you adapt to life after cancer if treatment affects how you move

Research and clinical trials for sarcoma 

As a large academic medical center, we offer eligible patients more opportunities to participate in clinical trials than you’d have at many other places. Here, clinical trials supplement the standard of care to offer eligible patients leading sarcoma cancer advances.

Learn more about cancer research and clinical trials or pediatric clinical trials

Care location

Urschel Building

  • Sarcoma Oncology | 4th Floor 

University Hospital

  • Pediatric Sarcoma Oncology | Horizon Tower 10th Floor