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researchers in lab
researchers in lab

Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute

We bring together scientists from a broad range of research disciplines and innovative technologies to assess the distinctive ways cancer affects children. Our efforts are paving the way for new childhood cancer therapies.

Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute at UT Health San Antonio is one of only a few U.S. institutions dedicated to advancing pediatric cancer care. We are uncovering scientific knowledge that will lead to new therapies for young cancer patients all over the world.

About Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute

Our strengths include:

  • Research expertise: Our team includes renowned researchers representing molecular medicine, structural biology, oncology and pediatrics. Having such a variety of disciplines under one roof spurs innovation in ways that are not possible otherwise. Meet our faculty.
  • Analytics: Greehey Children’s Cancer Research Institute houses technologies that complement our expertise and accelerate scientific discovery. These offerings enable us to manage complex data sets and perform extensive analysis. Find out more about our research services.
  • Education: We train emerging scientific leaders through a pediatric cancer research fellowship program. We also offer professional development, including networking and mentoring opportunities, through our Cancer Research Training and Career Enhancement Program.

How pediatric cancer is different

Cancers affecting children are unlike adult cancers in many ways, including:

  • Types that are more common in children than adults, such as certain leukemias and brain tumors
  • Fast-growing tumors and early symptoms that can make cancer easy to miss until later stages
  • Better responses to certain treatments, giving some children greater chances for staying cancer-free
  • Treatment complications, such as heart problems and cognitive challenges, that impact long-term health

How we are advancing pediatric cancer care

We are pursuing novel studies to learn more about pediatric cancer. We are also initiating new care approaches that will improve quality of life during and after treatment.

Our research activities include:

  • Basic discovery: Our biochemists and structural biologists are evaluating proteins in pediatric cancer cells to make treatments more precise. These efforts may also lead to options for cancers that do not respond to standard therapies.
  • Computational biology: We excel in using leading technologies to analyze massive data sets of genetic material. Our researchers are investigating how changes in certain genes may predict the way cancer cells respond to treatment.
  • Pre-clinical testing: We are learning through animal studies that cells within a cancerous growth are not always the same. We are investigating how these cells may contribute to cancers that come back after treatment.

More information about pediatric cancer research

Our active participation in clinical trials gives eligible children access to more care options close to home. Mays Cancer Center is a long-standing member of pediatric clinical trial networks, including the Children’s Oncology Group.

Find out more about pediatric cancer clinical trials.