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Experimental and Developmental Therapeutics

Our Experimental & Developmental Therapeutics program works to refine the way cancer is treated. This program’s activities span the range of experimental and developmental therapeutics from initial target discovery to regulatory approval for new treatments. The strength of the EDT program is the fostering of collaboration between pre-clinical and clinical researchers to develop novel therapies aimed at giving patients the best possible treatments. The Institute for Drug Development (IDD) specializes in the conduct of Phase I clinical trials using new anti-cancer drugs and is integrated within the EDT program.

The Experimental and Developmental Therapeutics Program is focused on improving the treatments for cancer. The program includes investigators with expertise ranging from initial target discovery and identification to regulatory approval for new treatments.

Our objective

  • Discover and validate novel therapeutic targets
  • Identify new therapeutic agents and approaches
  • Conduct early phase translational clinical trials of novel therapies

The EDT program members have a wide range of expertise, from synthetic organic chemistry and structural biology, through lead identification and IND-enabling studies, obtaining an IND, to conducting clinical trials. These complementary areas of expertise provide the opportunities for cutting-edge translational research