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researchers in lab
researchers in lab

About Cancer Clinical Trials

Clinical research at Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, gives eligible patients early access to innovative new therapies through clinical trials. Learn more about our research and how participating in clinical trials may give you more options.

Our nationally recognized cancer experts lead clinical trials to answer important research questions. Clinical trials may also mean you receive innovative tests and therapies years before they become widely available. 

With our decades of experience, you can count on us for safe, appropriate care. And because we are an active partner in respected cancer research networks, you gain access to some of the latest options.

Why choose us for cancer clinical trials?

  • National recognition: Mays Cancer Center is the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated cancer center in Central and South Texas. This recognition is awarded to centers with a history of excellence in research. Designated centers offer cancer education and have a sustained commitment to community outreach. Read more about our NCI designation.
  • Timely access: Research coordinators work closely with cancer teams to identify clinical trial opportunities as early as possible. Some eligible patients may be able to start clinical trials shortly after their diagnosis. Others pursue clinical trials after trying standard treatments. Find out more about: 
  • Unique opportunities: We are exploring solutions to challenges affecting our South Texas community, including unusually high liver cancer rates. We also have a long history of successful cancer drug development. If you’re eligible, these efforts can give you access to clinical trials that may only be available through Mays Cancer Center. Find out more about our Institute for Drug Development.
  • Support: Our team includes experienced research coordinators who help you have a safe, comfortable experience. Coordinators make sure you receive tests and treatments at precisely the right time. Our specialists check on you between appointments to help keep your care on track. 

Our clinical trial interests

Our research spans all aspects of cancer care, enabling more patients to benefit from clinical trials. Find out more about clinical trial treatments.

You may be eligible for clinical trials and research studies that are investigating:

  • Medical therapies, such as new chemotherapy drugs, targeted therapies and immunotherapies
  • Nonmedical treatments, including new surgery and radiation oncology techniques
  • Combinations of cancer services, including chemotherapy and radiation therapy
  • Preventive care to lower the risk of receiving a diagnosis of specific types of cancer
  • Screening tests to improve the likelihood of diagnosing cancer in its early stages
  • Supportive care, including specialized therapies to make your recovery smoother
  • Survivorship services, which help you stay as healthy as possible after completing cancer treatment

What you need to know about clinical research

  • Participating in clinical research is voluntary. We explain how the study works and its benefits and risks. We emphasize how a study might affect your quality of life. It’s up to you whether you’d like to take part. 
  • In some cases, patients on clinical trials need care, such as more frequent checkups. It may include regular contact with research nurses. These extra touchpoints help you stay safe and avoid complications.
  • You can withdraw from a clinical study at any time. Your decision will not affect your treatment or your relationship with your doctor. If you decide not to participate, you still receive the same high-quality care you’d expect from Mays Cancer Center.