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Photo of grandmother and her granddaughter reading a book
Photo of grandmother and her granddaughter reading a book

Cancer Prevention and Screenings

Mays Cancer Center, home to UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center, offers services that help you make the most of your health. Cancer prevention and screenings offer an added layer of protection for people who are not experiencing symptoms.

We make it easy to access the services you need to preserve your health. Your UT Health San Antonio primary care physician coordinates appropriate care that meets your needs. 

Cancer prevention offerings make it easier to avoid a cancer diagnosis. Screenings, including colonoscopy and mammography, enable us to detect symptoms early or potentially treat symptoms before they become cancer.

Why choose us for cancer prevention and screenings?

Highlights of our program include:

  • Convenience: Many of our cancer prevention services and screenings are available in your primary care physician’s office. We are in locations throughout the San Antonio area, making it easier to receive services close to home.
  • Personalized and patient-centered care: We know that cancer can be a sensitive topic. At Mays Cancer Center, doctors you already know and trust explain the prevention and screening services that are appropriate for you. We answer all of your questions so you know what to expect. Having complete information can make screenings less worrisome.
  • Support: Learning about your risk of cancer can be scary, but you don’t have to face these feelings alone. Specialists stand ready to give you the support you need, including helpful information and emotional support.
  • Coordination: Our cancer specialists use the same electronic health record as our primary care physicians. This way, your entire care team works together to create a personalized care plan for you. Find out more about our primary care providers and locations
  • Research: We are exploring ways to improve our community’s wellness by increasing cancer screening rates. Find out more about population science and prevention research.

Our cancer screening services

Cancer screenings are tests that check for the early signs of cancer, often before you may notice symptoms. Services we offer include:

Our cancer prevention services

These services may lower your risk of receiving a cancer diagnosis:

  • Genetic testing: We identify abnormal gene changes (mutations) that are passed down in families. These mutations could increase your cancer risk. We provide personalized recommendations to help manage this risk. Find out more about genetic testing.
  • Hepatitis B vaccine: Hepatitis B is a serious liver infection that can lead to liver cancer. Getting the vaccine protects you against hepatitis B and may slow the spread of this disease in our community. Learn more about hepatitis and cancer.
  • Hepatitis C screening: This blood test detects signs of another infection that can lead to liver cancer and might not cause symptoms. If you test positive, treating hepatitis C may decrease your risk.
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine: HPV is a virus that increases the risk of several types of cancer, including cervical cancer and throat cancer. The HPV vaccination requires a series of shots that offer lifelong protection against HPV.
  • Smoking cessation: If you use tobacco, quitting lowers your risk of many types of cancer, including lung cancer. We offer a broad range of services to help you stop for good. Find out more about the tobacco cessation program available through UT Health San Antonio.