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Mays Cancer Center Membership

The Mays Cancer Center is an Organized Research Unit of UT Health San Antonio and as such is subject to the rules and guidelines set out for an Organized Research Unit.

The Mays Cancer Center, a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Cancer Center has a formal membership policy in support of the center’s mission:

  • Promote interdisciplinary research in cancer-related areas of basic science, clinical research and cancer prevention and control.
  • Foster the application of the results of that research in the community setting, especially in the South Texas community served by Mays Cancer Center.

To become a member of the Mays Cancer Center, complete the membership application. There are three categories of membership (described below): Cancer Center Support Group (CCSG), Associate and Affiliate.

In addition, the Mays Cancer Center has a Cancer Research Interest Group for those who do not currently meet the requirements for membership but want to learn more about the Mays Cancer Center or cancer research in general.

Eligibility for Membership

CCSG Membership

Candidates eligible for CCSG membership include those who:

  • Have been a principal investigator on a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research project grant or other equivalent peer-reviewed, cancer-related grant or contract within the past two years; or
  • Are a principal or co-investigator of cancer center clinical trials accruing at least five patients annually.

Associate Membership

Candidates eligible for associate membership include those who have not yet met the requirements for CCSG membership but are progressing toward meeting those criteria as evidenced by a growing record of cancer-related publications and funding. This includes those who may be clinical investigators or educators and may not necessarily hold NCI-approved, R01-equivalent peer-reviewed research funding but who significantly contribute to the other missions of Mays Cancer Center’s cancer-related education and dissemination or care.

This also includes individuals who are significant collaborators on research programs conducted by cancer center members by contributing to the design and conduct of the research and co-authoring resulting cancer-related publications or playing an active role in cancer-related funded peer-reviewed projects.

Associate members are expected to make every effort to obtain NCI-approved cancer-related peer-reviewed funding within four years of initial appointment as an associate member as evidenced by submission of grant applications and a strong publication record.

Associate members may request to become a full member at any time if they meet the criteria.

Significant collaborators and co-investigators from institutions other than UT Health San Antonio and the Mays Cancer Center are eligible for either full or associate membership provided they meet the criteria and are not from other NCI-supported cancer centers.

In all cases, cancer-related work will be verified by the publication and funding records of the potential member.

Responsibilities of CCSG and Associate Members:

  • Attend member retreats.
  • Attend center-wide and program-specific seminars and retreats.
  • Participate in the annual Mays Cancer Center Annual Research Symposium.
  • Provide an annual update of publications, research funding and research progress as well as bio sketches and other support for senior leaders.
  • Serve as a scientific reviewer for pilot project applications as needed.
  • Provide written progress reports for projects supported by pilot project funds.
  • Present a seminar to share information obtained at meetings and symposia attended with support from the center’s funds.
  • Accrue patients to clinical trials.
  • Acknowledge Mays Cancer Center affiliation and shared resources, if appropriate, and the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA54174) in publications, posters and oral presentations.
  • Provide evidence of cancer-related extramural funding and research publications.
  • Be willing to represent and speak on behalf of the Mays Cancer Center in the community as requested.

Affiliate Membership

Candidates eligible for affiliate membership include current trainees at the institution who are involved in cancer research. Professional students must be performing cancer research for course credit or conducting sufficient cancer-related research that would result in co-authorship of an abstract or manuscript. Students must have at least one aim in their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation with direct cancer relevance. Postdoctoral trainees must be actively involved in cancer research that has the potential to result in a cancer-relevant manuscript or a presentation at a non-institutional meeting, ideally at the national level. In addition, the affiliate trainee’s mentor should be a member (full or associate) of the Mays Cancer Center.

Become a member

Cancer Research Interest Group

Faculty and trainees who do not meet the criteria for these membership categories but have an interest, personal or professional, in cancer research and treatment and are interested in learning more about opportunities within the cancer center or cancer research are welcome to join the Mays Cancer Center Cancer Research Interest Group.

To join the interest group, complete an application.

Join the interest group