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Pediatric Oncology Support Services

A childhood cancer diagnosis can bring about a multitude of changes for families. At Mays Cancer Center, we’re here for you.

We offer an array of supportive services for pediatric patients and their families. Our goal is to aid and encourage families throughout treatment so you and your child can focus on coping and healing.

Our dedicated pediatric oncology family support team

We help families affected by pediatric cancer navigate obstacles that can stand in the way of care. Each child and family faces unique circumstances. Our dedicated team of professionals stands ready to assist you.

Our supportive care team includes:

  • Clinical psychologists meet the unique needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families. They counsel children one-on-one to help them cope with changes or emotional difficulties due to cancer treatment.
  • Social workers coordinate with schools so children can stay on track in meeting their educational goals during cancer treatment. They also provide guidance and resources for families to manage barriers to care, such as financial and transportation hurdles.
  • Child life specialists use play therapy to give children outlets to express themselves.

Specialized services for teens and young adults

Cancer patients in their teens or young adulthood experience cancer differently than younger children. We are the only program in South Texas that offers services specifically for patients between the ages of 15 and 39.

Our adolescent and young adult (AYA) program includes a dedicated wing at University Hospital with gaming, art and other activities tailored to this age group. For people who are interested in having children one day, our reproductive endocrinologists can discuss fertility preservation options.

Learn more about the services available through our adolescent and young adult cancer program.

Lifelong cancer survivorship services

Childhood cancer requires lifelong follow-up and specialized care. Our childhood cancer survivorship program serves as a resource for patients for the rest of their lives.

We coordinate with patients and their primary care providers as they grow up, providing screenings and follow-up visits based on your child’s needs. Our goal is to prevent or detect potential health problems early on so that childhood cancer survivors can live healthy, active adult lives.

Read more about our childhood cancer survivorship program.