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Clinical Trial

S1403, Afatinib Dimaleate With or Without Cetuximab in Treating Patients With Newly Diagnosed Stage IV or Recurrent, EGFR Mutation Positive Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

This randomized phase II/III trial studies how well afatinib dimaleate with cetuximab works and compares it with afatinib dimaleate alone in treating patients with newly diagnosed stage IV or recurrent (has come back), epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutation positive non-small cell lung cancer. Afatinib dimaleate may stop the growth of tumor cells by blocking some of the enzymes needed for cell growth. Monoclonal antibodies, such as cetuximab, may block tumor growth in different ways by targeting certain cells. It is not yet known whether afatinib dimaleate is more effective when given alone or with cetuximab in treating patients with non-small cell lung cancer.
Clinical Trial

Molecular Profiling in Tissue Samples From Patients With Cancer Who Are Exceptional Responders to Treatment

This pilot research trial studies molecular profiling in tissue samples from patients with cancer who got better with treatment that didn?t work for most other patients with the same disease. Studying samples of tissue from patients with cancer in the laboratory may help doctors learn more about changes that occur in deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and identify biomarkers related to how well patients respond to treatment.
Clinical Trial

Study Assessing the Efficacy and Safety of Alpelisib Plus Fulvestrant in Men and Postmenopausal Women With Advanced Breast Cancer Which Progressed on or After Aromatase Inhibitor Treatment.

To determine whether treatment with alpelisib plus fulvestrant prolongs progression-free survival compared to fulvestrant and placebo in men and postmenopausal women with hormone receptor positive (HR+), HER2-negative advanced breast cancer, who received prior treatment with an Aromatase Inhibitor either as (neo)adjuvant or for advanced disease.
Clinical Trial

Clinical Trial of Lurbinectedin (PM01183) in Selected Advanced Solid Tumors

A Multicenter Phase II Clinical Trial of Lurbinectedin (PM01183) in Selected Advanced Solid Tumors to assess the antitumor activity of lurbinectedin (PM01183) in terms of overall response rate (ORR), in the following advanced solid tumors: small cell lung cancer (SCLC), head and neck carcinoma (H&N), neuroendocrine tumors (NETs), biliary tract carcinoma, endometrial carcinoma, BRCA 1/2-associated metastatic breast carcinoma, carcinoma of unknown primary site, germ cell tumors (GCTs), and Ewing's family of tumors (EFTs)
Clinical Trial

A Study of Atezolizumab in Combination With Carboplatin Plus (+) Paclitaxel With or Without Bevacizumab Compared With Carboplatin+Paclitaxel+Bevacizumab in Participants With Stage IV Non-Squamous Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)

This randomized, open-label study will evaluate the safety and efficacy of atezolizumab (an engineered anti-programmed death-ligand 1 [PD-L1] antibody) in combination with carboplatin+paclitaxel with or without bevacizumab compared with treatment with carboplatin+paclitaxel+bevacizumab in chemotherapy-naïve participants with Stage IV non-squamous NSCLC. Participants will be randomized in a 1:1:1 ratio to Arm A (Atezolizumab+Carboplatin+Paclitaxel), Arm B (Atezolizumab+Carboplatin+Paclitaxel+Bevacizumab), or Arm C (Carboplatin+Paclitaxel+Bevacizumab).