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Relaxation and Stress Management

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Stress and anxiety can affect both patients, family members, and caregivers. We offer massage, reiki,  guided imagery, and meditation.


A massage can improve blood circulation, increase lymph flow in lymph nodes and relax and stimulate muscles. We offer chair massages performed by a licensed massage therapist for cancer patients who have a doctor’s approval.


Reiki is a Japanese form of stress reduction. A practitioner will hold hands over the patient and move energy through the body through focus and meditation. Some people feel reiki as a warmth, others as coolness. Some feel a tingling or energy and some feel nothing at all.

Guided imagery

A session leader encourages participants to imagine positive scenarios and thoughts. This technique can improve mental well-being and focus when practiced regularly.


Often used as a part of the tai chi and yoga sessions, meditation allows participants to open their minds through guided techniques that teach relaxation, mental focus, and concentration. Meditation encourages relaxation and positive thinking when practiced on a daily basis.

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